NCRAFTS Workshops

May 11, 2016 — Paris, France

May 11, 2016 Paris, France

NCRAFTS Workshops

Learn to Visualise Software Architecture
or build Event-based systems

Reminder : Workshops start at 9:00 and end at 17:00

nCrafts is organizing two incredible pre-conference workshops by Simon Brown and Mathias Verraes on Wednesday May 11th.

Simon Brown will be hosting his internationally acclaimed hands-on session about “The Art of Visualising Software Architecture”.

Mathias Verraes will get you up to speed and fit for eventful action with his “CQRS/Event Sourcing & Eventstorming” workshop.


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The Art of Visualising Software Architecture by Simon Brown Discount applied

× €399.00 ×

Agility is about moving fast and this requires good communication. A consistent, shared vision is essential in order for teams to push in the same direction, but it’s surprising that many teams struggle to effectively communicate the architecture of the software they are building. As an industry we do have the Unified Modeling Language (UML), yet many people favour informal boxes and lines sketches instead. Abandoning UML is one thing but, in the race for agility, many software development teams have lost the ability to communicate visually too.

This hands-on session is aimed at those involved in the software development process and is about improving communication. You’ll see some patterns and anti-patterns related to “boxes and lines” diagrams, and you’ll learn some lightweight techniques for communicating software architecture using simple sketches and the “C4 software architecture model”.

CQRS/Event Sourcing & Eventstorming by Mathias Verraes Discount applied

× €399.00 ×

Event Storming, Event Sourcing, CQRS, messaging, distributed systems … In one way or another, they’re all about time. Traditional modelling styles, focused on things and structures, are not the primary way anymore to build modern systems that handle complexity well. Object-oriented models tend to have an uneasy relation with events happening over time. The actual business processes, the heart of how organisations operate, end up hidden in the many calls between objects.

Temporal Modelling is the cure: build models and systems that make events and processes the first class building blocks of a domain model.

Part practical Event Storming, part theory on CQRS/ES, this workshop aims to give you a kickstart in building better models, together with the domain experts, using Domain-Driven Design and the Ubiquitous Language.

Combo ticket - Conference + Simon Brown's workshop Discount applied

× €699.00 ×

Attend nCrafts conference and enjoy Simon Brown’s pre-conference workshop!

Combo ticket - Conference + Mathias Verraes' workshop Discount applied

× €699.00 ×

Attend nCrafts conference and enjoy Mathias Verraes’ pre-conference workshop!

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