NewCrafts 2017 Workshops

May 17, 2017 — Paris, France

May 17, 2017 Paris, France

NewCrafts 2017 Workshops

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Get started with Serverless architectures with Gojko Adzic
Learn how to deal with Localization in iOS with Laura Savino
Become a master of Eventstorming with Alberto Brandolini


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Getting started with serverless architectures by Gojko Adzic Discount applied

× €400.00 (€80.00 VAT) ×

This is a workshop for developers and architects that want to take advantage of the latest trends in cloud computing: serverless apps and cloud functions. Through hands-on exercises and teamwork, you’ll learn about using AWS Lambda and API Gateway to create responsive event-driven micro-services, auto-scaling web APIs, and high-performance web sites. This course will be taught in English.

Serverless platforms significantly reduce the cost of running high-performance web sites and API services in the cloud, but with a major impact on architecture, these services also require teams to re-think how to approach sessions, storage, authorization and testing.

The author of the workshop is Gojko Adzic, a key contributor to Claudia.js, a popular opensource deployment tool for AWS Lambda, and an award-winning author of several bestselling books on Amazon.

Mobilizing your Strings: Localization in iOS by Laura Savino Discount applied

× €400.00 (€80.00 VAT) ×

You know you should be using NSLocalizedString in all your user-facing text, but how exactly is your app going to break the first time you translate it for real? (Be honest: how creative have you been with format strings?)

Participants will learn how to prepare source code for translators (including gotchas with the NSLocalizedString functions, storyboards, and pluralization), manage the round-trip from source code to translators and back to source (including an indepth look at the new-to-iOS xliff file format and its role in updating existing translations), test their user interfaces before translation even begins, and create checklists for the dozen-or-so sources of strings that project teams need to orchestrate.

Event-Storming Workshop - Build a vivid big picture by Alberto Brandolini Discount applied

× €400.00 (€80.00 VAT) ×

How to model a complex business process, or the whole company software landscape without being trapped in and endless boring analysis phase How to tame complexity with agility, starting in the most appropriate way, with the right understanding of the big picture?

Event-Storming Workshop unites agile modeling techniques and the cutting-edge event-driven approach with a uniquely engaging format, that leads to a fast problem exploration and establishes a collaborative approach between key participants.

The result is a clear tangible model, built extremely quickly with the active contribution of all involved roles. Friction points that often lead to wrong implementations are exposed early and natural, clean modeling options are highlighted.

Combo ticket - Conference + Gojko Adzic's workshop Discount applied

× €582.50 (€116.50 VAT) ×

Attend nCrafts conference and enjoy Gojko Adzic’s pre-conference workshop!

Combo ticket - Conference + Laura Savino's workshop Discount applied

× €582.50 (€116.50 VAT) ×

Attend nCrafts conference and enjoy Laura Savino’s pre-conference workshop!

Combo ticket - Conference + Alberto Brandolini's workshop Discount applied

× €582.50 (€116.50 VAT) ×

Attend nCrafts conference and enjoy Alberto Brandolini’s pre-conference workshop!

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